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Our Mission

Sistahs with Ausome Children (SWAC) is a community based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, dedicated to supporting and empowering mothers and caregivers of color with autistic children. Our mission is to create a safe and inclusive community where BIPOC women can connect, share experiences, and access essential resources. We are committed to raising awareness about Autism within BIPOC communities and advocating for equitable access to services, fostering resilience in our members.

1 in 36 children

  • In 2023, the CDC reported that approximately 1 in 36 children in the U.S. is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), according to 2020 data.
  • Minority groups tend to be diagnosed later and less often.
  • Boys are four times more likely to be diagnosed with autism than girls.
  • Early intervention affords the best opportunity to support healthy development and deliver benefits across the lifespan.

The Vision

Our vision is to create a future where every mother of a child with autism feels supported, connected, and understood. We strive to build a community that promotes awareness, acceptance, and inclusion while equipping mothers & caregivers with the resources, education, and empowerment necessary to navigate the challenges of autism parenting and advocate for their children's needs.



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Sistahs with Ausome Children provides families an opportunity to connect and build relationships by cultivating social events for parents and their children. We provide free resource backpacks for families that receive a new autism diagnosis for their child. Conversely, resource backpacks contain ASD related material for families with autistic children. We believe in creating a village one family at a time.

We strive to partner with local businesses and entities touched by Autism simply to embrace the neurodiverse community and continue our mission to support, advocate and raise awareness.

Meet our Founder

Simone Smith-Gillette

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Simone Smith-Gillette established, Sistahs with Ausome Children in 2022 to build a community for mothers in need of support for their autistic children. After her daughter, Jewel was diagnosed with Autism (ASD) late 2020, Simone began to seek resources to help her daughter with this new found diagnosis. As she embarked on this new parenting journey, she soon realized the lack of support for Black and Brown moms located south of the Atlanta metro area. With the encouragement from her family and friends, Sistahs with Ausome Children was created.

SWAC Facebook group was birthed with the intent to invoke a safe space for mothers and caregivers of autistic children; to share their experiences, resources and advocate for a great cause.

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